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Children's Summer Camp 2022

Art Classes for Children 3 1/2 - 18

  • Each Session consists of 5 classes lasting 1 1/2 hours

  • Cost $145 per session. All supplies included.

  • Drop offs available for $29 per class, if class is not at capacity.

  • Register for all classes through email at or call Stacie Pinover at 330-618-6549

  • Creative Fingers is located at: 156 North Main Street, Hudson, Oh 44236 (located between the Grey Colt and Hudson Fine Art and Framing).

  • Feel free to drop by the studio at anytime.


Little Digits


Little digits is geared for our youngest artists, age 3 1/2 - 6.  Basic artist concepts are presented to the budding artist, such as line, color, shape and texture.  Story telling, art history, and games are integrated with painting, drawing and sculpture.  A fun and nurturing environment acts as a springboard to launch children into creativity and imagination.  This class is aimed to create awareness and to build your child's confidence in simple art skills.


Creative Patchwork


In this class with guidance and encouragement each child will explore a variety of mediums such as: clay, pastels, watercolors, and acrylic paint.  Each week we briefly explore the life of a different artist which serves as the inspiration for creating their own "masterpiece"!


Fashion Design


This class is designed for children ages 9 and up and serves as an introduction to fashion illustration.  From basic figure drawing to the creation of their own inspiration board, students explore techniques used in the fashion design industry.  Students experiment with a variety of mediums and skills to develop their own personal style.  Designer trends and the history of fashion will be discussed to enhance the student's fashion education.


Simply Clay


Clay is one of those magical things that is simply irresistible to kids!  What child can resist pounding and smooshing a blob of moist, squishy clay in between their hands?  Children explore the basics of clay while refining their own fine motor skills.  We will explore the three basic methods of hand building coiling, pinching and slab work.  Students will create fun projects while stretching their imagination.  There are many reasons to introduce children to clay, the most important being it's just plain fun!


Passport to World Art


Pack your child's suitcase, grab their newly made passport, plant a kiss on their head, and send them off on a whirlwind tour across the seven continents.  This class provides a lens for children to view, understand, and appreciate the richness of global art.  A great opportunity for travelers ages 6 through 12 to gain insight into different cultures.  Children return home from their journey with souvenirs that they have created using a variety of mediums including: clay, printing, paints, pastels, and mixed media.  Book your tour and join us for the adventure!




Sketching is the fundamental beginning of every work of art.  Anyone can learn to draw with a little time, instruction and patience.  The key to sketching is trusting your eye.  In this class we will work on eye/hand coordination.  We will explore a variety of basic sketching techniques and excercises using different drawing mediums.  Bring a sense of curoisity to this class!




Turn those doodles of superheroes, aliens, and far away worlds into works of art.  This class will focus on the art of telling a story through the combined use of visual and written language.  Artists will learn the art of creating sequential art, techniques of cartooning, character design and how to develop a story board . . . all essential to producing their own comics.


The Pizzazz of Color


Color is one of the fundamentals of art.  In an atmosphere of exploration and discovery children explore the magic of color.  While dabbling in a variety of mediums children will learn about the color wheel, primary and secondary colors and more.  Put a little color into you childs summer.




One of the best ways to learn about painting is through experimentation.  In this class students swish their brushes experimenting with acrylic, water color, and qouache paint on a variety of paper textures. 

Strong Girls/Strong Women

Teaching girls about strong female role models is one of the best ways to build confidence and resilience.  In this class we will use the power of creativity to encourage a passion for art.  Imagine what Amelia Earhart saw as she made her solo flight across the Atlantic? What did Jane Goddall observe in the jungles of Tanzania as she protected and studied chimpanzees? Through the exploration of a variety of mediums and fun projects we will give your girl some of that "can do attitude" confidence in art.

Out Of This World

Launch your child into the world of art.  Through the exploration of various mediums children will create space inspired art. From fiery suns, to wooden space crafts to an occasional alien this class will surely capture your future explorers' interest.

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