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Art Classes

"Simple lessons to inspire life long creativity."

"Since every child is born with the power to create, that power should be released early and developed wisely. It may become the key to joy and wisdom and possibly to self-realization. Whether or not the child becomes an artist is immaterial." 
- Florence Cone









   Creative Fingers inspires children to explore their ideas and feelings through art.  Creativity is encouraged through a myriad of imaginative and exciting projects, designed to send young minds on a creative adventure.  The process of the journey is emphasized more than the final creation.  It's learning in the purest sense.

   As their little fingers get moving, working, with a variety of mediums and learning about past and present artists, children continually make decisions about their own projects.  This promotes individuality, underscored by self esteem.  Provided with balance of freedom and guidance, imaginations soar and young children develop into confident artists.

Creative Fingers Art Classes
156 N Main Street, Suite 6
Hudson, OH  44236
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